November 4th Newsletter

Take a deep breath. I know waiting for election results is stressful, but we have to be patient. We’ve known for months that, given the unprecedented number of early votes cast, it’s going to take longer this year to count every ballot. Every vote must be counted and election officials across the country are working to do just that. So step away from whatever news page you’re obsessively refreshing and breathe. 

A couple of reminders about the elections process here in Virginia. Local election officials will continue to receive and count absentee ballots that were postmarked by 7 PM on Election Day and are received by 12 PM this Friday, November 6th. I encourage you to watch the Virginia Department of Elections updates from last night, which you can find here, that outline what to expect in Virginia over the coming days.

I’ll say it one more time, take a deep breath everyone and remember that we’re in this together. Stay well.



Michael P. Mullin

93rd House District